Essential is yet to ship its first Smartphone, but has already surrounded itself in a dispute regarding its trademark. Spigen is a popular Smartphone accessory manufacturer, which has recently sent Essential a letter, asking them to cease using their Trademark.

Spigen insists that it will only ‘cause confusion’ for the consumers if Essential continues to use their trademark as its own. In this cease letter, Spigen’s legal officials also addressed that Essential trademark application was denied by Trademark Office as well as US Patent twice.

They clearly stated USPTO (United States Patent Trademark Office) that it will only raise confusion with Essential and Spigen’s sub brand also named Essential, which is used for battery packs and other mobile accessories. Spigen has given Essential time till 15 June, to come up with a solution; else they will take some major legal actions against the company.

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This is a small obstacle in Andy Rubin’s Essential launch, which should be handled delicately. A simple check to Spigen might be a simple solution for the company. Both these companies are handling this controversy privately, staying tight lipped about the matter in front of the media. However, Essential’s officials have reported that Spigen’s claims stand without merit, which would be responded accordingly.