This new JioPhone will allow its customers to make unlimited voice calls, SMS and operate on free data with a monthly recharge of just Rs 153. Last year Indian richest man, CEO of Reliance, Mukesh Ambani entered the telecommunication business, introducing a free 4G network called Jio in India. And now he plans on taking over the Smartphone industry and is launching a free JioPhone next month.

Anyone can apply for this phone, which is now available for pre-bookings. The phone will be made available next month at a nominal cost of just Rs 1500. The reason why we are calling this phone free is because the company CEO himself claims that he plans on returning this refundable deposit to its customers.

This JioPhone will allow customers to use free data, with an unlimited voice calling and SMS service at a monthly recharge of just Rs 153. Reliance is playing a smart game here, by offering such cheap plans which will force users to switch to Jio’s network. It’s been less a year and Jio is already more popular than most of the other networks in India, be it Airtel, Vodafone, or Idea, which dominated the India telecommunication market before Jio’s release. Reliance has always shown interest in boosting itself a telecom marketer but failed to see success with its Reliance mobile network.

Customers who are interested in registering for this phone can book the phone through an SMS. To register write a text message “JP<>your area PIN code<>Nearest Jio Store code in your locality” and text it to 7021170211. You can get your Jio store code, by visiting the center near your place. The company is yet to announce an official release date, but near release is definitely going to take away the sleep of other network brands.