Many Android TV users seem very unhappy with the latest update in YouTube for smart Google TV platforms. Several viewers took their frustration against the company on their social media handles, complaining about the unnecessary change. It is reported that over a dozen customers have complained about these issues, which is making them hate this new version of YouTube.

The most common complaints basically pointed out that after the update they are only able to access their Android TVs using a personal account, which means that users who have linked their individual Google+ profile will be able to access their television. Several of these customers didn’t really have an account, which worsens the problem. Google has also commented on the situation stating clearly that the latest version of the app won’t operate on brand accounts. However, Google manager avoided elaborating any else on the matter.

Some users are also arguing that this kind of lack of support brings them discomfort, plus some customers are also debating with the company that they don’t want to use their original names on YouTube account, and hence are unwilling to adapt to the new change that YouTube TV 2.0 brings.

Some customers are even suggesting new suggestions to Google, asking them to offer a feature that allows them to switch between brand and personal account, without the using their real names. Google has already given its statement and doesn’t seem to react or comment on any complaints or suggestions of its customers. Google has made it clear that this was an indented change, not a technical bug. It looks like it might take a little time for users to get used to this new change. But it’s still confusing as to why Google and YouTube made these changes.