Our latest Android Circuit includes all the details about Samsung Galaxy Note 8, drawbacks like weak battery and expensive price tag, have already made the potential consumers upset. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is being speculated to be the world’s best Smartphone, but it looks like it might take the take prize for most expensive Smartphone as well, leaving behind Apple iphone.

Osen, a Korean Site, reported that you will have to spend over $1,100 for a 64 GB Galaxy Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which almost $130 more expensive than iPhone 7 Plus’s 256 GB variant. The site also hinted that Samsung might launch another variant of 128 GB in Note 8, which is going to cost a few more extra dollars. This will be reason enough for a lot of users to either switch, or think twice before buying the handset.

One significant thing that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 lacks is a solid battery life. It comes with 3300 mAh battery, which is not sufficient to run this massive Smartphone for over 4 hours. However, thanks to its convenient wireless charging feature, it might not backfire on the company. This means users won’t need a cable or a plug to charge the device. Topping up this handset is going to be a time efficient and effortless task.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8, might see a decrease in its estimated sales, because of this unpractical decision, as most popular applications today demand a strong battery backup. However, it will be fun to see, how fans and potential buyers are going to react to this news. Galaxy Note 8 had been much awaited, and after the Note 7 fiasco, there are a lot of speculations and inhibitions regarding Samsung mobiles. With Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it better up its game.