Although Samsung S7 fiasco was difficult to deal with for a lot of users, Samsung is back in the game with its upcoming S8. And if you were one of those who shifted to iOS in an impulse, this is now time to give Samsung another chance.

The first thing you will have to do is; make a Gmail account, as that is what your Android device will operate on. After creating an account, you now start transferring data from primary applications like Calender, Contacts, Mail, Messages, Music, and Gallery.

If you are using either of this, through a Google account, you are sorted already; all you need to do is sync accounts. If your calendar or contacts are stored in iCloud accounts, you will have to make use of the app SmoothSync to transfer data. If you are streaming music through Spotify, Pandora or even Apple music, you simpley have to download their Android versions. If you are using itunes, then download Music Manager from Google Play on your Apple device, and transfer your playlists from your Mac or iPad to your Google accounts. For transferring messages, you need to use the app iSMS2Droid. For transferring photos and videos, install Google Photos in iPhone and transfer all images and videos.