The first handheld mobile phone was demonstrated by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973. Yeah! It was some 45 years ago, and the best gift to humanity. Doubtless to say we cannot imagine our lives without smartphones today whatsoever.

However, with the rapidly changing technology ecosystem, the pace at which new products are launching and upgrading is matchless. So if you are a Smartphone Fan, then this article may help you find your Dream Phone!

iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

If you have lots of cash to spurge and want nothing but the best then getting hold of iPhone 11 Pro is a no brainer. This flagship product from Apple comes with stellar rear camera, top of the line display and an array of intelligent features. If you like to watch movies or play games on your phone just go for the 11 Pro Max which comes with a huge 6.5 inch super retina XDR display. Add to it, its read camera apparatus that includes three ultra wide 12MP sensors and boasts off a longer battery life than any other iPhone model.

Google Pixel 4 XL

So if you want a great camera with a super software then this tech masterpiece can match your needs.  The phone comes with a 6.3-inch 19:9 display while the processor Snapdragon 855 and 6GB of RAM along with 64GB and 128GB integrated storage offers you a robust package – and software directly from Google. It has a primary rear 16 Megapixel Camera along with the battery of 3700 mAh. Dual front stereo speakers with Dust and Water Resistivity will give you flawless experience. Overall an incredible device.

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With its Premium design and long lasting battery life with an Awesome camera HUAWEI P20 PRO is winning hearts of many. It has 3 camera sensors a 40MP RGB, 20MP Monochrome, and 8MP telephoto. So all these three lenses can please a mobile user very easily who loves to capture moments or selfies.
However, if we consider the Software of Screen of this device they are not up to mark as compared to smartphones who are present in the wishlist of the smartphone users. Well, its camera and battery life can make you speechless…so why not give it a try?

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OnePlus 6 : A smartphone with a speed that kills !

At the end of the day Performance matters. There are many devices which we possess but we cannot give up on them because of their flawless performance. Similarly with Oneplus 6.
Using Android 8.1 Oreo with OxygenOs has mind blowing speed. Its app loading speed and switching windows can give you buttery smooth experience. With its Incredibly Fast performance and lower price, it is already drawing the attention of the crowd. However, it has two limitations and those are non-water resistant and no wireless charging.

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HTC U12+ Giving Competition to Apple in Performance and Rating

In the mobile production industry, HTC U12+has been one of the highest -rated dual cameras. Not only this it is standing out in its exquisite colors, transparent blue design glass back, perfectly positioned fingerprint scanner, curves, which makes it pleasant to use.
Being more specific 12 MP + 16 MP Main Camera. 8MP + 8MP the front camera with the focus of Laser + Censored Optical PDAF. So if you are a photographer then this product by HTC can suffice your needs bringing with itself, professional studio effect.nd when it comes to Video, what they say is ‘ Hollywood in your pocket.’ Automatic Noise Cancellation, HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi, and HTC USonic effects will capture reality in real for you.

The translucent blue shade of this model is so splashy that once again HTC is once again pushing the limits of design and standing out on a crowd

IPHONE X : The Design that will easily grab all your attention !

It is the BEST right now in the World giving tough competition to its rivals like Samsung , and Google With its stunning design, powerful internal hardware, exclusive camera system, and perfectly executed next-gen features like Face ID, Apple’s iPhone X is the FIRST priority among all !

With its perfectionism its standing out in the market !

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 : Hitting the list of BEST Budget ANDRIOD PHONE 

Want to know what is the best about the model of this mobile? The new Bluetooth S Pen is an excellent innovation with an additional remote control feature. It has an extremely large capacity o MicroSD where you can carry more than 1 TB in your pocket. Amazing isn’t it?

The concept is so realistic that it has curved sides with the perfect metallic grip. Its fingerprint scanner an in-display fingerprint scanner and not the traditional one! So what are you waiting for? Grab this exclusive innovation from Samsung and enter the new world altogether.

HONOR 10 -A best pocket-friendly product!

When it comes to all the attributes of a smartphone of our Dreams…we cannot compromise with anything but with the BEST! However, the biggest constraint we face is PRICE Factor which cannot be ignored!

Well, Honor Manufacturers will help you to grab the Smartphone you desired for. Honor has launched Honor 10 which will serve all the purpose of being the BEST ONE in the market like the sleek design, performance, and camera.