If you have been a fan of video sharing behemoth Tik Tok and suddenly got surprised by the Indian government’s decision to ban the app in India – here are few popular alternatives that you can find on Android app store

Note: We are restricting our review to Android version of these apps as Android users form the bulk of viewership of video sharing apps in India and some apps like Moj are only available on Google Play at this moment

Roposo – An established video sharing platform from the stables of InMobi

While Roposo has been around for few years now – it was acquired by InMobi in 2019 and since then the app has been going places. Backed by a solid team of entrepreneurs who passed out of IIT Delhi- Roposo has both the technical expertise and experience to jump into the big league – now that Tik Tok is out of picture (albeit for now)

What works for Roposo

Decent user Interface

The interface of Roposo is good – however it still has few glitches when it comes to handling user profiles. Some of it is also due to the huge traffic load that it has been receiving in last few days.

Excellent Content

What Roposo really excels is its content. It has been around for some time and offers a wide variety of short form content. It has established content creators who have been on this platform for years now and their work can be seen. Especially if you are looking at funny or general entertainment content Roposo can keep you entertained for hours

Chingari – A hot new start-up to lookout for

Before Tik Tok got banned in India few even amongst tech journalists have ever heard of Chingari. However for last few days this app has been gaining headlines and how.

It has been downloaded like crazy and today sits pretty with millions of downloads in its kitty

What works for Chingari

Fresh Experience and News

Yes Chingari has news content in the app and that’s a good move. That apart it comes with a rather simple user interface. Google Login is currently default login option while app is desperately in need for an update. Content variety too is average at this moment but we can hope it will improve as more and more creators join the platform.

Moj – New App from old war horse ShareChat

For those of us who have been following the tech startup space in India – ShareChat is well known entity. Given the sudden void in video sharing app space, it has launched Moj to cater to Indian tastes and its effort is showing results. The app has gained significant traction in just few days garnering over a million downloads.

What works for Moj

Usable UI and Content Mix

The best part about Moj it is Content mix. Some of the interesting aspects include entertainment news and related content mixed with short videos. Even though it just started the user interface is workable and app is easy to use. Some of the features are similar to Tik Tok which makes easy for a new user to get hang off.