Amazon has attracted people from all the around the world to invest in its Echo home speakers, wherein Alexa by Amazon resides. People have become obsessed with virtual qualities offered on the device. Its growing popularity is a result of the ample features which are available in Amazon Alexa. You can download almost a dozen of applications which give you access and control to your environment, by only using your voice.

Here is a list of best health apps available on Amazon Alexa

  1. Breathe

Alexa by Amazon helps you meditate, by becoming your breathing coach. You can manage the time, till when you wish to keep the session. This will help relieve stress and create a stress free environment for your mental relaxation.

  1. Yoga Trainer

You will get in a regular routine, with Amazon Alexa on your head reminding you to start your yoga. This virtual yoga teacher is filled with knowledge, which will teach you every position from classic yoga to power yoga.

  1. 7 Minute Workout

This is a scientifically proven exercise regime, which is designed to deliver an increased metabolism. Amazon Alexa transforms into a strict virtual personal trainer, guiding you through the entire routine. Latest updated images and tutorials have been added to give you a better understanding of performing these exercises.

  1. One Minute Mindfulness

Mindfulness improves both physical and mental health. It involves both acceptance and concentration. This helps deliver internal peace, making every day a happy day for you.

  1. Doctor Alexa: WebMD

This app allows Amazon Alexa to solve all your basic questions relating to personal health and development. You can ask symptoms of migraine to treating a sore throat using WebMD, through Alexa by Amazon.

Amazon Alexa

You simply have to download skills onAmazon Alexa through Alexa App Store. Here you can choose any health feature app that suits your daily routine