Google recently confirmed a phishing attack, which targeted over 1 billion users on Gmail. These hackers are seeking to gain email histories and all other available details of these users. Some of the users caught on these bugs from Twitter, blogger and other websites.

This bug can mess with your Gmail account security.

The worm was spread through an email, which was sent to these users’ inboxes from a reliable, trusted contact. The users were asked to go through the attached “Google Docs” in the mail. This link directed the users to a Google security page, where permission was required to allow the fake app to pose as GDocs, which allowed access to the culprits into their email account.

This mass phishing is definitely questioning the user’s data security on the website. Google site is used by billions for professional as well as personal purposes. This raises the question on the reliability of the site.

The matter worsened when the worm was automatically sent to all the contacts of affected users, reproducing itself, multiple times with a single user. Google is currently investigating the matters, and has requested its users to steer clear from clicking any such suspicious links.

Save Your Gmail Accounts

  1. Ensure to check the location bar, before signing in into your account. This will prevent phishing attacks from username and password.
  2. If you have received any message from, than report the phishing. Then delete it.
  3. If you fall in their trap and open the linking page than don’t grant it with a permission to pose into your GDocs apps.
  4. In case you have allowed the fake GDocs, than go to Google connected sites and immediately revoke its access back to “Google Docs”.

After following these step ensure to revoke permission of any random app that you can’t recognize. Finally ensure to change your Google password, before logging out of your account.