The tablet market seems to be shrinking worldwide, 2017 is the 10th straight quarter, where tablet shipments have showed a decline over the year.

According to a research by IDC, in 2017, the first quarter shipments were recorded at 36.2 million, which are approximately 8.5 percent down than last year. In 2014 around 50.4 million shipments were recorded globally.

Apple still remains to be a market leader, despite the downfall of tablet industry. iPad Pro has showed a decrease in sales over the last few years. In fact Huawei was the only tablet manufacturer which showed improvement, with 2.7 million shipments this year, from 2 million last year. Microsoft Surface series also doesn’t show a prominent change in this issue. It doesn’t even appear in the top 5 tablet list of IDC.

The coming months can decide the future of Tablets. Apple also launched its most inexpensive iPad worth only $329 in March. However it was shipped a bit late, to showcase any impact on quarter sales. IDC believes that tablets and iPads will continue to beat the convertible laptops however; their growth can only be seen in detachable market currently.