Facebook might become the new tech giant in Hollywood; Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO has pledged to become the leading creator of video programming. They have been hiring people to dowel in success of this upcoming project. According to a job posted on LinkedIn, Facebook is searching for a film producer, whose responsibilities are listed as developing script, producing and editing shareable and trending motion picture content.

Another listing also includes a search for a Film software engineer, who could integrate creative content and produce personalized creative videos. Facebook already personalizes over 1.9 billion user videos, on their notable events like anniversaries etc. However, Facebook is now ready to deliver professional content to its users.

Facebook has joined Amazon and YouTube service to attract large video audience. Like its fellow tech brands, Facebook also wants to take advantage of the high demand in digital video advertising.

YouTube has been offering user generated videos for over a decade now. This also brings more licensing experience, giving it a solid hold on Hollywood industry. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, recently shared that YouTube is viewed over 1 billion hours every day.  In order to make its revenue growth more robust, Facebook has to come up with some new advertising inventory plans.