Pokemon Go is leveling up with its marketing strategies, organizing parties. If you have received an email from Niantic, then you know exactly what I am talking about. While Niantic has initiated such events in the past to raise funds and awareness for causes like Japanese Tsunami relief etc. Their latest endeavor partners them into a first ever live gaming event.

Niantic is teaming up with Knight Foundation, an organization who is best known for its “Open Street” events, which motivated people to spend time in the neighborhood, rather than driving out side.

Now that Niantic has become an official partner, Pokemon Go has also been added into the mix. The first event will be held on 7th May at Charlotte, North Carolina. It will include a total of 16 PokeStops, along with 2 gyms on a 2.5 mile route.

John Hanke, Niantic CEO shared his excitement, sharing that they created the brand to help people connect with the world using innovative gaming technology. This collaboration can set a great example on how technology can contribute to a civic engagement.

This can end up into a great platform to create global meet ups for games. Their earlier project Open Road was a fun way to bring people on road to enjoy locally. We can only be sure about the outcome of the whole event, once it’s been held. Make sure to check out the event if you are in Carolina, and share a review with us.