The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have graced the hands of several users around the world, and according to a leaked report, it appears that these handsets will enter the market in China on 18th May. It is also speculated that they will be available for pre orders on 10th May.

For our readers who want to buy either of these two devices, you will have to wait until 25th May, as that is the date, when they will be made available in the market.

The leak source also claims that it will be available in China’s market by this week, however no other details about their price and assured availability has been confirmed yet. We can only estimate their price comparing it to their pricing in Hong Kong. Galaxy S8 was priced at 5,050 Yuan and Galaxy S8 Plus was priced at 5,670 Yuan. These handsets will ship with an internal storage of 128 GB, which sets the cost at 6,200 Yuan. Anyhow, these prices might differentiate from the actual price.

Both these devices are selling well and are getting praises and great reviews from users everywhere for its camera and user interface.