Majority of PC users are troubled by  self inflicted problems, especially when it comes to Microsoft windows 10 upgrade. The Inexperienced population of the world, who does not have an engineer like grasp on computer systems, sometimes end up downloading and installing unwanted malicious software, thus creating a complete disaster. The newly launched Microsoft windows 10 upgrade provides you with features that can keep your PC safe by allowing to monitor software downloads.

One simple way to eliminate or prevent any kind of software related problems in your PC is by simply locking down Windows 10 settings, which won’t allow any future installations from random sources.

This feature is only available in Microsoft windows 10 upgrade or the creator update for windows 10 that has just been launched.

Steps To Lock Down Windows 10 Installations.

The new feature in Microsoft windows 10 upgrade, allows you to:

Step 1: Select Settings > Apps > Apps and Features

Step 2: Select Installing App Setting

Three options will appear on your screen, allowing you to select how do you want the software in your desktop to be installed:

  1. Allow Apps From Anywhere – This setting will download apps from any random source, it is unsafe and not recommended.
  2. Warn Me Before Installing Apps From Outside The Store – This option will ask for user permission, before initiating the installation, it warns you of the source and is recommended.
  3. Allow Apps From Store Only – This is the safest option which only allows installation of authorized applications, and is the one you should select without any second thoughts.

Step 3: Choose the desired setting from above options.

In order to ensure data security, Microsoft has offered an optional choice to its customers to risk or protect their privacy. Windows 10 continues with its unconventional evolution, ready to launch its 1607 version, as an Anniversary Update.