Following the big release of Destiny 2 recently, developer Bungie revealed the details of servers’ areas, networks and PC edition, which will be compatible with the game.

Bungie’s boss engineer Matt Segur, shed some light on the game’s networking model, in one of its post,  stating that there will be no dedicated servers of the game, it clearly stated that the game will host with a single server, which will ensure that users don’t get affected by migration hosting during trial matches.

In Destiny 1 these hosting settings were performed using player consoles, where mission logic ran through data centers. In order to get an in depth knowledge, you can watch its video adaptation on the Game Developers Conference. Destiny 2 is a hybrid of its earlier version, which works on peer to peer technology.

Destiny 2 is definitely more responsive, player accessible and a fair deal for all users. However, we will test the water when the game hits the market later this year. Bungie has made sure that cheater’s life in the game remains as short and as brutal as possible. Some other details about the game are also expected to be revealed during the E3 conference this year.