Recently a Version of Galaxy S8 was launched in the market, well now it is being reported that the design was dedicated to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Galaxy S8 is coming out to be a tremendous success for the brand. So far Samsung is making good sales with this model. However this doesn’t stop Samsung from carrying out its other marketing plans to sell more of these units.

This Pirate Version of Galaxy S8 is the USP which will ensure to bring more customers to the brand’s door steps. The phone is speculated to be priced at $880. The movie has partnered with the company and has launched a limited edition that will benefit both the tech brand as well as the production house. But unfortunately this model hasn’t been launched in the market yet.

Image Source – Android Authority

This Pirate Edition Phone will ship in special treasure box, which will include a special holder and a protective case. Furthermore, to your surprise, when you will turn on your phone, you will be welcomed with a quote from the movie “Dead Men Tell No Tales”. Sadly for all pirate fans this phone doesn’t adorn any Pirates markings or symbols. Let’s just hope both the parties are able to benefit from this marketing scheme.