GIFs are the brand new trend on the internet. GIFs were discovered in mid 90s, with tacky clip arts, but thanks to technology today, we can create some high quality GIFs. Internet is literally flooding with the variety and innovative content in this format. You will see them everywhere from Google+ to Whatsapp to Twitter. Where, Tumblr is the ruler of GIF sharing platforms. And they don’t seem like going anywhere. So, we have decided to teach you a little about this format, while training you to create your own GIF files.

What are GIFs?

Gifs or a Graphics Interchange Format is few second bitmap image format which was developed by Steve Wilhite, who is a software writer based in USA in 1987. It is basically a short animated image video, that has been around for over 2 decades but thanks to Tumblr, and rise of blogging in the online network, they have reached another level of popularity.

You will find Gifs from your favorite television series or any animated image. The fun part about its animation process is that anyone can create their own images, featuring themselves or their favorite cartoon character.

Steps to create a free GIF Files online

Thankfully there are multiple websites on Google that can help you create GIF file online free of cost.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your system. And search for ‘’ on the Google Search Engine.


Step 2: Now open the first link in the search ‘’.

Step 3: Once you have entered the website, you will see two options ‘Video to GIF’ and ‘Images to GIF’. Select Image to GIF and an ‘Upload Images’ button will appear on your screen. Now upload all the images which you want to convert into a GIF.


Note: You can arrange the images in the sequence according your preference by just selecting and dragging in front or behind of each other.


Step 4: Now that you have uploaded the images from your PC. A preview GIF document will appear in the left side of your screen. And the right side of your screen will allow you to customize the settings of this file. The website allows you to add delay, change pixel length, height and quality of these images.

Note: You can also crop, rotate or add titles on your new GIF creation.


Step 5: Now that you have created your desired GIF file, just select ‘Generate GIF’. Now your download will originate, which you can download by selecting ‘Download Image’.