After twenty years of domination over video and animation world online, it looks like Adobe’s Flash media, is being getting pushed in its grave. Recently Adobe announced its decision of stopping to support Adobe Flash, as big tech giants like Google, Facebook and Microsoft, announced their plans of getting rid of the video software themselves. Adobe Flash had been causing multiple bugs and security holes that led to this decision.

It looks like these big brands are motivating Adobe to get rid of Flash, as each has reportedly acknowledged this announcement by Adobe about the end of Adobe Flash, commenting on the matter and how it might affect their customers.

Here is a brief on what they all had to say about Adobe Flash. Google’s blog post went straight in the issues and stated that Flash’s popularity has declined vastly in past three years. Today only 17% chrome users’ visits websites that support Flash. Google Plans on erasing Flash existence from chrome by 2020. Microsoft blog portrayed it future plans on how it plans on stop using Flash on its old explorers and create better software for Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft also reported that users will need to grant permission to Edge to use Adobe Flash from this year till 2018.

adobe flash
Image Source – Wired

In Apple’s blog post, Apple clearly stated that it had already moved from Adobe Flash since 2010. So if you are planning on using Adobe Flash on your Mac, then you will have to change its setting, as it will remain “off by default”. Facebook doesn’t operate on a web browser like these other companies, but there are multiple games on Facebook that are supported by Flash. So, Facebook has asked these developers to transform into these by 2020, as it will only be allowing Adobe Flash till then. Mozilla seem to have given a similar statement allowing its developers and website users to switch to other software’s by 2020.