YouTube is a video based website, which is designed to engage with other users through videos, where anyone can upload or view anybody else’s video content. Today thousands of YouTubers have established themselves as a celebrity, who has a followership of thousands of YouTube subscribers. We are sure, that you can name some of your favorite YouTubers. YouTube has also become an important platform for singers, who launch their music using this platform.  We often fall in love with their content so much that we want to preserve and save it till eternity. But how can we download these videos on our system?

Steps to Download a YouTube video

Today there are several websites and applications on the internet that allow users to download and save YouTube videos on our system.

Note: These steps might not work on your PC, if you have blocked YouTube.

Step 1: First go to the YouTube page or video that you want to download. Now go to the address bar or just press Ctrl + L to highlight the URL address. Now right click on your mouse and select copy address.


Step 2: Now that you have copied the address, go to and paste the video address in the box and then click on underscore icon next to the link or press enter. Once the download link has formed press the green ‘Download’ button to save the video.


  • That this video will directly save in your ‘Download’ folder of the system.
  • This website, allows users to select and download videos different qualities according to user preference on their system. Just click the video quality options next to the ‘Download’ button to select the video quality that you desire to download.
  • You can download videos; with sub-titles as well, just select the drop down button next to download and select ‘more’. Also note that this ‘subtitle’ option will only to available for videos that already have subtitles in them.

Step 3: Now open your Browser Download history and select ‘Show in Folder’ and enjoy the saved video in your system.


How-To Covert and download YouTube Video into Mp3 Format       

We have all faced this situation where we were unable to find the official mp3 of a particular song, or video. YouTube being the dominating video platform on the internet comprises of all the latest TV, entertainment industry and other social media content. And now with music industry getting significantly involved in YouTube over the last decade, it has almost become confusing for users to listen to a song on YouTube. And download it from somewhere else on the internet. However thanks to website like, users are able to convert and download audio from YouTube videos.

Steps To Convert and Download Audio from YouTube Videos        

Step 1: First open the YouTube video that you want to convert into audio and download. Now copy the URL address of this video. In order to do that just, select the link in address bar and copy it by clicking right on your mouse.

Step 2: Now open onlinevideoconverstor’s website and paste the link on the space bar proved on the page.

Note: The users can select the audio format of the song or clip, depending on their preference.

Step 3: Now you have selected the desired video format, click on the orange ‘Start’ button below. This will initiate the conversion process.

Wait for a couple of seconds.

Step 4: Now select the ‘Download’ button and your file will be saved in the ‘Download’ folder of your computer.

Step 5: Now go play the song on your PC or Mac and dance on your newly downloaded audio.