It has been speculated that Apple is planning on making some significant changes in our favorite voice assistant Siri. The iOS giant is planning to counter the success of its competing company Amazon Alexa. However, they are likely to stick to their standard features without casting a spell on a wide range of customers.

Currently, Siri is compatible on only six apps – messaging and calling, sharing and rides hailing, photo search, fitness, auto infotainment systems and payments. It is being speculated that we will hear some new names apart from these apps, in their annual developer conference this month.

It has also been predicted that Apple is likely to develop a similar hardware to Amazon’s Echo, which has been a hot seller since its launch. However, Apple declined to comment on the subject. The two tech brands are betting for customers to offer better voice assistants, with better and more unique features. Apple is also limiting Siri by restricting voice commands. Alexa doesn’t have any such restriction and is thus gaining a loyal following.

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The clash arises due to their similarities and functions, which are so alike and fun. Both these voice assistants are popular despite their competition. But now it seems that Apple wants to dominate the voice assistant market again, tweaking some new updates in Siri.