Google is trying to improve chrome by making it work faster for curbing the huge amount of traffic they have to face. We surf internet more on our mobile devices than our computers, we mostly depend on our mobile browsers, and our phones account for 55% of all browsing. This causes a huge amount of traffic that Google has to deal with.

To solve this problem, Google has updated chrome to version 59, which promises to boost speed as much as 20%. This updated version of chrome promises faster page loads. Google has used an updated V8 JavaScript engine to boost the speed and help web pages load faster.

It will also help Chrome for android to use less memory so that it  doesn’t gets bogged down while loading heavy JavaScript pages. Pages browsed will be more responsive and would be smooth while scrolling. JavaScript will drive a lot of advanced functionality on the websites we visit like Reddit, Facebook, twitter, and Wikipedia.

This updated version of chrome will help to reduce the traffic that comes from our mobile devices and had to be faced by Google. Android will automatically install the update to chrome 59 on our android devices.