Apple is considered as the creator of artificial intelligence race. And it is back at it again, approaching the subject and all set to make some significant changes in its developer base. Apple’s developer, WWDC has recently announced that they are ready to launch some software updates, which will be launched with the next iPhone. It is being speculated that the iOS giant is making some significant changes in its ability and artificial intelligence, to stand out from its competitors.

The company faced a major jump in 2011 with its AI assistance Siri. Since then, every other company from Google to Amazon has launched their own voice assistants, following the trend surging better technology.

Even Google is planning on sprinkling these AI services everywhere, the company hinted about it during their 2017 I/O conference. This definitely raises the competition for Apple, which is now staging some productive AI updates and changes, which will be launched with the next iPhone.

Bloomberg also reported that Apple, is working on developing a processor, called Apple Neural Engine, which will handle its AI related tasks. Apple has also hired a Carnegie Million Professor named Russ Salakhutdinov, as the head of its AI team, including other talented AI machine developers. It looks like Apple has opened its eyes to the competition and is all set to dominate the voice assistant and AI market again.