Surface Laptop comes with Windows 10 S, which will be available in the market by 15th June.  However, the laptops have already arrived at Microsoft Store. This is one of the least costing Laptops by Microsoft, and given below is the crucial surface laptop review.

Recently, Brooke Crothers, a writer at Forbes had the privilege of spending some time with the new design, and these are a few things that he found interesting in the laptop. So, here are a few key aspects from Surface Laptop review that will definitely make you grab one for yourself.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Review and Features:

  • Keyboard – Surface laptop comes with an excellent keyboard which is nothing like Apple’s 12 inch MacBook. Surface Keyboard’s keys bounce back, unlike Apple’s butterfly keyboards, this makes Surface seem better. You will be able operate, think, and work smoothly, without any pressure.
  • Keyboard Palmrest Material – Surface keyboard is designed using a material called Alcantara, which is smooth, suede like uninitiated material, mostly found in luxury cars. Brooke described its design as if the keyboard was attached with carpeting. It has beautiful keyboard carpeting which will make you want to flaunt it to everyone.
  • Build/Design – It comprises of high quality, internal and external products. The laptop only weights around 2.76 pounds, which reflects its amazing weight distribution across 13.5 inch device. It is classic, with the latest sleek design. This low cost laptop is designed for students, and serves to please its target audience. It is sleek, stylish and light, what else can you demand from a Microsoft Laptop.

  • Display – It comes with High Quality display, which doesn’t skimp like some PC’s. It has a pixel count of 2256 by 1504. Some PC manufacturers are on a more prosaic regressive approach of 1920 by 1080. While this slice off helps other brands to cut costs and boost battery life. Microsoft claims a 14.5 hour playback time even with its HD resolutions.
  • Configurations – The Surface laptop starts at just $999, which comprises of 4 GB RAM and an SSD of 128 GB. So, if you are planning on running a Windows 10 S on Surface. You will be fine. However Brooke recommends people who are willing to take the advantage of upgrade should opt for its 8 GB/ 256 GB variant worth $1299. It’s a great thing for students as they don’t have to spend extra dollars, on upgrading the Window, as the Laptop comes with a free offer which will allows you to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro without any Hassle. This is one of the most uplifting points for surface laptop review.
  • Limitations –  Before investing in Windows 10 S, make sure that you don’t need apps like PowerShell, Regedit, DOS/Command prompt, as it won’t run on this system. And also keep in mind that you will only be allowed to operate applications that are available on Windows Store only. These apps will probably drive many users to Windows 10 Pro.
Image Source – Microsoft

All in all, Microsoft Surface is a must buy for every student, its pocket friendly, claims to have an awesome user interface and also offers a great battery backup. The surface laptop review might end here, but the amount of possibilities and scope it has, is truly endless.