After a collision between three vehicles, which happened on Friday night last week, in Tempe Arizona, which involved a self driven uber cab as well, the giant had to call off all the self driven cabs. Fortunately nobody was harmed during the accident. According to a police report, Uber’s driver was not responsible for the accident. Uber was set on autonomous mode, which included two ‘safety’ designated drivers, during the time of the crash. However, as announced by Uber, the company plans on suspending its autonomous vehicles in Pittsburgh and Arizona, till the investigation is completed.

Uber started offering the self-driving car service in February, in Tempe. The company has been running driver-less tests since December, which also caused a brief pilot disaster in San Francisco. Uber defied regulators by refusing to get a proper testing permit, for its driver-less vehicles in California. Uber is sure to make news, as several other scandals are revolving around the company’s name currently. Its autonomous vehicle might get dragged in the case as well. Waymo, who claims that Uber and Otto, a kick-start acquired by Uber last year, conspired to steal, Waymo’s trade secrets. However, the allegations are denied by Uber.

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It is being speculated by ‘Recode’ that company lost over 20 engineers since November. Uber sees a future for itself in the self- driven cars. Robotic cars will contribute to contribute to cheaper expenditure, by cutting all human workforces. But the future of Uber’s autonomous cars remains uncertain as of now.