On Thursday, this week Senate and Democrats came together and presented a legislation that would reinstate the internet privacy rules, which were repealed earlier this month. This seems like a never ending topic, which is a war for user privacy advertising agency.

A bill was passed and signed by President Trump, which allowed internet providers to look through, and regulate user data. Internet providers are free to sell and purchase any one’s personal data like search history etc from the internet.

Following this, a new bill was introduced by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass), which demands to undo, reinstate and repeal these regulations. Markey feels that IPS should no longer stand for “Internet Service Provider” rather it should be replaced with “Information Sold for Profit”. He feels that government is taking the right to privacy from its citizens, which can’t be justified.

Markey’s bill stands a slim chance of getting off the ground, it is already getting criticized by Republicans. Several defenders of repeal have questioned these unfair regulations towards internet service providers. However, websites like Google and Facebook work on their own privacy policies, which restricts user data, they have been selling such user information for years in the advertising markets.