It seems like the never ending war between Microsoft’s Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is finally over. PlayStation 4 has come out as a clear winner, which has sold almost the double the sets sold by Xbox One. PS4 and Xbox One were both launched in 2013.

We can’t even consider this a war, as Microsoft’s Xbox was slaughtered in the market as well as behind the screen by it users, who have turned into a critic for the gaming device. Xbox One’s ‘play anywhere’ feature allows you play games on PC or on Laptops, which was mocked throughout the Internet for Xbox One not being a necessary requirement for playing the game. Xbox One doesn’t lack in its horsepower, it is rather the lack of intriguing content which makes it occupy the second place.

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Microsoft’s Scorpio, is the only hope for the company, to make a comeback in the gaming world, however the chances still seem pretty slim. Microsoft needs to include more games to its console. It does offer a better interface and horsepower, but all seems useless, considering users are not offered enough options to choose from.

Xbox One is a dead case, lying deep in its grave. Gaming franchises including call of Duty and Destiny, offer exclusive services to PS4, which has made it the first preference of the users. Microsoft is rumored to introduce VR headsets for its console, which might turn out to be a selling point for the device. However, it will also add more cost to the product. Only good games and some drastic measures can help the brand save its name.