The long serving Comcast, which was till now providing landline services, cable television and residential internet, is now set to provide mobile internet as well. The move comes after witnessing an increase in mobile internet users in America.

This introduces Comcast to a market that is currently being operated in a sort of monopoly. With Verison and AT&T being the main players. To make its mark in the industry, Comcast has launched the Xfinity Mobile. This will provide users of Xfinity with two wireless options.

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The first option will be the one with unlimited data, costing $45 – $65 per month. The other option is called the ‘pay as you go’ option; this will cost $12, per gigabyte. These services are not available right now, and will be made available from the second quarter.

With the growing number of users using internet on mobiles, instead of home internet, this can be termed as a wise move. As this will not only help them expand their market, but also retain their existing consumer base. To be able to use Xfinity mobile service, the users will first have to subscribe to Comcast’s services, the minimum cost of which is $45 for a month long subscription.