Recently Comcast announced some of its upcoming pricing for data plans, which will be available for use by June. Some of these deals include $12 per gigabyte, for users who prefer light speed. Users with unlimited packs of more than 20 GB, will get 1.5 Mbps speed. These data plans will only be available on Comcast home internet for customers.

Unlimited plans will cost $45 to $65 each month, depending on the bundle of connection and customers’ speed preferences. You will get a reminder, when you will exceed 20 GB. The speed will obviously be slower after the set plan speed, till the billing period, again starting next month. However the speed for unlimited plans is not yet officially stated by Comcast. It is being speculated that it would provide at least 1.5 Mbps. After the limit you will be able to work on a 750 Kbps speed.

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Comcast mobile users will be able to experience faster net services, once they are connected to Comcast WiFi’s, delivering internet connection to more than 16 million people. These data limits are set for cellular data only. The company is still examining options for its unlimited plan’s users, who are likely to exceed 20Gb.