Facebook unveiled its artificial intelligence ‘M’ two years back in 2015. Now it is all set to launch the AI in US, testing its advancements and user responses. ‘M’ is designed to track all your conversations with your friends, in order to understand its user, which will help it to suggest relevant features and apps to its users.

It is expected to give these recommendations, using a one line message, in your Messenger chats. ‘M’ will be available for download in US, in both Android as well as iOS devices. Facebook’s assistant intelligence can suggest stickers, payment methods, location, reminders, group chat polls and Lyft and Uber sharing etc. However, it will ask for your approval before sending any of the above detail.

‘M’ is the first assistant intelligence, created by the company, which works at providing smart and faster services to users in order to ensure user comfort. Being a messenger app it is focused on its internal features. It is still open to changes, which can help you solve multiple problems in a day.

Facebook can still add more simplified features on AI, making it more user friendly and compatible. It will soon be launched, for wider users. Currently Facebook has launched it in US for testing purposes.