Pixel has been one of the most anticipated Smartphone of this year and it is being estimated that Google has already sold over 1 million pieces of Pixel, according to download counter on Play Store.

Ars Technica recently reported that the Pixel Launcher, an exclusive app designed for Google phones, crossed one million installations in Play Store, which can only mean that there are over 1 million Google Smartphone users in the world. This is a great achievement for Google, which has been trying to set a benchmark in Smartphone industry.

This is also great news for Google’s upcoming Pixel series launch as it can definitely be represented as a potential selling point by the company. We can’t see the exact number of downloads as Play Store doesn’t display exact digits. But we can surely see the million written after ‘1’ in its download count. Google has finally achieved the 1 million unit sale milestone, which took a lot of effort, testing, handling unit returns and displays tests.

Image Source – Google Store

Some haters are also suggesting that we shouldn’t count the returned and defected units.  Considering them will surely reduce the number. But regardless of such discrepancies, Google is definitely hovering around 1 million sales, if has not crossed 1 million units yet.