Instagram has planned on creating a standardized format to help people identify the advertised posts. These ads include all the influencers and celebrities who get paid for posting promotional content about different products.

Several social media companies have been taking interest in this subject, to encourage transparency and full disclosure by the celebrities and the brands. In Fact, recently Federal Trade Commission sent letters to over 90 influencers, to clearly and conspicuously disclose, which of their posts are sponsored.

Charles Porch, Instagram’s Creative Director, shared that most influencers prefer straightforwardly disclosing the paid promotional details. He also feels that Instagram has opened window for several small businesses to promote it at a larger scale.

And with this new feature, influencers will be able to tag their sponsors directly to their posts without any hassle. You can also tag brands on Instagram stories, if you use it to promote other products. This is not a giant warning, but it does set the message loud and clear. Currently Instagram is testing the tool with users like Aimee Song and BuzzFeed. They are still in the beginning of developing something important. Their testing will help them receive a genuine feedback. They want to make sure that all three parties, sponsors, influencers and users are comfortably able to adapt this change.