According to an Apple supplier it is being reported that the most anticipated iOS device of this year will support wireless charging, which can be a significant game changer for iPhone industry.

Wistron, Apple iPhone manufacturer has finally confirmed all the speculation regarding the wireless charging feature. He also revealed that the next iPhone is going to be a water proof device. Wistron didn’t reveal any other feature of the phone. We however have several other expectations with the device which have generated because of all the leaks which have gone viral throughout this year.

This could be a great USP for Apple, not that it required any more selling points. According to supplier and other officials it is being reported that Apple has already assembled its units in India. However they still have to tweak the wireless charging point. It is being estimated that the company will be ready to sell the next iPhone within a few months.

In February this year, Apple became a board member of Wireless Power Consortium. They are responsible for driving Qi wireless charging technology, which is being used in iPhone 8 and its other wireless charging devices.