It was only a couple of weeks ago when; Microsoft announced a new built-in feature, of eye tracking in Windows 10. Microsoft is also planning on getting rid of its accessibility option out of its new windows. If you want to try this new eye control feature on your Window 10, then switch to beta, if you are operating on a Tobii device.

The recent Windows Insider preview reveals that the latest Window update will also support this feature on the Beta Version, so you can use this feature as long as you have a convertible Tobii Eye Tracker 4C. Microsoft all plans on adding more layouts to its Language Keyboard layout for eye control apart from just US English. It’s still unclear, when or how Microsoft will release this feature, but it clearly proofs that the tech giant is on a roll with launching some amazing features.

Microsoft also released multiple preview images of this, Eye Control feature, which will you a clear breakdown of what exactly this feature will allow to do. Microsoft is also releasing a “shape writing”, which will allow in increasing your typing speed, by letting users look at the first and last alphabets of the words. Microsoft also claims that it will help predict works as well words at a better speed. In case one prediction is incorrect the users can also replace it with other prediction.

Image Source – Windows 10 Download

Right now, Microsoft is completely focused on innovating and supporting its Tobii hardware, the company also plans on launching other features like EyeMobile Plus, Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini and I-series on board as well with Eye Control on Microsoft Window 10. Microsoft also shared its plans on working on and with other hardware systems, which can help them boost their systems overall performance.