One of the biggest gaming companies, Nintendo has been accused selling $5 empty boxes of Switch console to its customers. It can be considered a shame for the most successful gaming brand in the world.

You can find a $5 Nintendo Switch bundle box of Splatoon 2 on its Japanese website, where it’s selling the Switch on sale. However, once you translate the description of the product, you will realize that it just comprises of an empty box.

You can view the translated product description here:

Recommended for fans of Splatoon, with Nintendo Switch

  • Optional Sticker of Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch can be sold separately

Notes on Purchase:

  • Dressing box will be delivered unassembled.
  • Assembly process will be made available on the product description page.
  • We don’t take responsibility of the damage caused during the assembly procedure.
  • This is only a outer box. Printed materials or partitions are not included in this box.
  • You won’t see a bar code or warrant card column on this product.
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It’s hard to think that anybody would be wasting their $5 on this box, but who knows some collectors might keep as a sign of their fandom.