Good news for all the fans that are obsessed with Overwatch’s short story baseline trailers. These animated shorts fill in the players about the back stories of the character which help them relate and connect with player. Recently Jeff Kaplan, revealed that their team is ready to make the second season of these short films, whose production is underway.

Kaplan also added that these shorts form the maximum fun he has had during the production process. He praised his animation team, stating its fun that they can depict something beyond the constraints of game play- where they can tell any story that they like.

The last couple of trailers of these animated short film focused on depicting a loving nature of killer robot Bastion and Sombra, which was revealed last November. No time frame or story line has been hinted regarding these shorts as of now. However, Kaplan did tell that they use Polygon to make these videos, which can take a long time to make.

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This is a fun concept used in several games. This ads a bit enticing experience as the player is able to understand the reasons behind the actions of the character, and the motto and reason behind his plans.