Recently, an audio clip from Uber’s all hands meeting was leaked online, which has struck the company with another blow. Uber was already struggling to gain its goodwill, after it was accused of spreading misogyny and sexual harassment, previously this year. But it seems like the company is headed to road of self destruction.

The long awaited meeting was planned to help build a better image for the company’s culture. In the audio shared by Yahoo! Finance, we can hear David Bonderman, a billionaire board member in the video, interjecting and pulling a stupid sexist joke on Arianna Huffington (who not so surprisingly is the only female member in the company). The audio involves Arianna Huffington, suggesting that there should be other females on the board, while David dismisses the idea stating two women will turn the board meeting into a gossip session.

It seems like Bonderman felt it would be funny, if he pulled sexiest joke on the only woman in the panel. As he obviously didn’t understand what was fundamentally wrong with his statement.

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According to a New York Times report it is also being suggested that Bonderman has finally planned on resigning from his position after the backlash. Arianna the victim of his humiliating mockery feels that David is taking the right steps for Uber, as the company is already facing so much criticism.