It was already in town buzz that WhatsApp is testing the possibilities of a business profile and unique badges for businesses and companies like BookMyShow were lining up as frontrunners to use the features. It’s however in its pilot testing phase, and BookMyShow will try to send ticket confirmations and other details to the users via WhatsApp.

It is no doubt that WhatsApp is widely used text messaging app, with newly added features of Story status, video/audio calling, WhatsApp has become the most preferred communication app. The huge popularity of app favors the flow of business, and it would be convenient to send ticket confirmations directly on the app, thus eliminating the need for traditional text messaging. BookMyShow has come up with another update of chat window which allows its users to interact with each other through an in-app feature ‘Plan-it’.

WhatsApp with a strong user base of 1.3 billion users will allow the small companies to have this interactive feature to connect with their customers directly. Soon, the app will roll out another update and some verified profiles will show green badges and it may include Airlines, Banks, etc. It is speculated that WhatsApp will possibly charge for business in the future but haven’t disclosed any monetization details.

Telecom operators are already bearing losses because of messaging apps like WhatsApp but with these new features, they will suffer a fatal blow. Till now, BookMyShow and other companies were using telecom services to interact with their customers confirming tickets and issuing m-ticket so the migration of such business to WhatsApp will be a great challenge.

Currently, BookMyShow has become a part of the WhatsApp’s beta testing program for verified profiles and businesses but there are other companies as well which are lining up to join such as Ola, Oyo, etc.