Days after unveiling Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, the company’s favorite flagship phones, Samsung has already announced a better and beefier version of the latter device. Samsung will soon launch a powerful variant of Galaxy S8 Plus, which will constitute 6 GB RAM, backed by internal storage of  128 GB. Unfortunately, according to a Korean news, ETNews reports this variant will only be available in China and South Korea, which will cost over $1000.

However, there are no official announcements as of now, you can still see a listing of the upgraded model on Samsung’s official Korean website. ETNews, reports that the product might range around $1020. It will also come with a Dex dock, which will allow Galaxy S8 Plus to run on desktop computers. Samsung is doing all it can to take over the market again.

There are no words or confirmation about whether this variant will be available in Europe or US. Nothing is confirmed by the company about the upgrade variant or its availability. However, this is definitely worth the wait, as you get a great user interface with a 6GB RAM and a great internal storage capacity.