Reliance Jio’s has become a phenomenon in the Indian telecom market and has turned the market upside down, drastically affecting the userbase of other telecom giants. Airtel, India’s greatest telecom operator is supposedly set to launch a new handset phone at a lower price to give direct competition to JIO.

With the introduction of JIO SIM-cards last year and a new ‘effectively zero priced’ 4G phone in the market, Ambani’s JIO has covered a major proportion of Indian telecom users and other Retailers are fighting survival battles to uphold their positions in the market.

Airtel enjoys a vast gigantic user base of 260 million people, is reportedly discussing the possibilities of a 4G enabled smartphone which could be ranged around 2500-2700 INR. It could be launched in the festive season of Diwali with Airtel’s own attractive data plans and voice plans to allure more customers.

The handset is more likely to have a 4-inch display with dual SIM features and both side cameras to excite the customers, and also VoLTE calling with an impressive battery life. Seeing the advanced booking of JIO smartphones, whose numbers are going as high as 6 million, Airtel is preparing its grounds for better competition. Although it’s not confirmed or official, the handset might sport a 1GB RAM which is a good deal if the price is low.

The Bharti Airtel has refused to comment further on the phone and it’s launch date as it is against their policy. The company recently launched Airtel 4G VoLTE services and thus becoming second the second service provider in India after JIO. Airtel has made the service live for customers in Mumbai.